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Міфопоетичний аспект філософського осмислення співвідношення понять "хаос" і "космос/

The purpose of the research is to study the experience of understanding ancient and modern philosophy of the relationship between the concepts of “chaos” and “space/order” in the mythopoetic aspect. The research methodology includes historical, thesaurus and mythopoetic methods of analysis. It was established that in ancient times chaos was conceived not as a measure of order, but, mainly, as a spatial category and creative beginning. At the same time, ideas about the simultaneous existence of order and chaos remained persistent. These ideas are broadcast and reinterpreted in a new way in modern science, in particular, in the field of research of dissipative systems, which include society. It is proposed to recognize that in social systems there is not a change of chaos by an order (and vice versa), but a change in the ratio of chaos and order.


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