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Utopia – a form of understanding the future modern era

It was determined that today society is going through one of the most difficult stages of its development. In this connection, the prognostic possibilities of philosophical knowledge are actualized. The historical and cultural differences that dominated in different eras are outlined. It was revealed that a new worldview is being formed. It is based on archetypes of social psychology, features of the civilizational development of various ethnic groups. It is outlined that the change in worldview paradigm has always led to various forms of development of the future: from Jewish apocalyptic, millenarianism to utopia. A classification of utopian texts is given. The worldview of the Modern era is retrospectively analyzed. It was revealed that he was characterized by confidence that the world is developing on a reasonable basis. Rational thinking tried to find the only true scientific truth and ensure the progress of society. It has been proven that the fetishization of rationality was associated with the belief that reality can be reshaped according to an ideal project. This paved the way for the realization of utopia as an ideal form of understanding the future in practice. But today, at the crossroads of history, there is a need to research new forms of mastering the future.

Rozova Т. V. Utopia – a form of understanding the future modern era. Worldview explications of modernism and postmodernism. Scientific monograph. Riga, Latvia : «Baltija Publishing», 2023. P.174-200. 

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