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Theatricalization of the structures of everyday life in meta-modern cultural practices

Purpose of the article is to study the theatricalization of the daily life structures that affect the transformation of Meta-Modern cultural practices. Also, it is important to note about the analysis of the scientific approaches of both Ukrainian and foreign researchers concerning the problematic outlined; the revealing of the world outlook basis of the theatricalization in everyday life; the defining of the theatricalization of daily life as one of the essential features of Meta-Modern, which significantly influenced the transformation of the axiosphere of modern European culture. The methodology of the work is based on the dialectical relationship of such research methods as culture-anthropological, which enables to analyze the theatricalization of the structures in everyday life as a condition for the formation of new cultural practices, and communicative, used for a thorough analysis of socio-cultural communication that influences the creation of contemporary Meta-Modern cultural practices. The empirical basis for the study, along with other examples of art, is image jewelry pieces made by one of the authors of this article, Lada Prokopovych. The mentioned idea enables to represent the author's ideas. The scientific novelty of the work is that theatricalization of everyday life is defined as a characteristic of the Meta-Modern, which influences the transformational processes taking place in the values of European culture. Conclusions. The article reveals meta-modern changes in the worldview paradigm, which gradually change the axiosphere of European culture.


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